Phlebotomy and Anatomy lab

In this lab we receive students in group of 10-15 students and we teach those students:

1.Blood sample collection using damn(mannequin) and human anatomy posters by teaching the students:

-How to do venipuncture (blood collection from veins) by showing the location of human veins of choice for venipuncture and how it is done.

-Capillaries blood sample collection on finger and heel puncture where the students learn how to collect the sample and how it is done.

By teaching those sample collection methods we tech the students how the position of the phlebotomist and the patient and all sample collection toolkit used as it is clearly mentioned at the sample collection area.

  1. 2. Also we teach students human anatomy using damns(mannequin),skeleton, human anatomy posters and figures.
  • On skeleton: We teach the students the human bones from head to the toes
  • On damn, posters and figures we teach students different human systems such as Human muscles, ear, Genitourinary organs, nervous system, digestive system, eye, Blood circulation, Kidney, skin and excretory organs,….. by direct observation.

Main activities in the laboratory

  1. Genomic DNA extraction
  • In our lab, the DNA is extracted from blood sample by using specific kit (invitrogen) or/and from plant and animal tissue by using specific protocol.
  1. Total RNA extraction
  • In our lab we do the RNA extraction and purification from blood and animal tissues by using specific protocol and kits.
  1. Transformation
  • Transformation stands for genetic alteration of prokaryote by introducing the new DNA from another cell especially plasmid. In our lab we do the transformation of bacteria by using specific kit (invitrogen).

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