“Collaboration is beyond signing a MoU” said Prof. Ijumba

Prof Nelson IJUMBA, UR Deputy Vice-Chancellor visited INES-RUHENGERI this Wednesday, 8th August 2018 accompanied of Ass Prof Herman Musahara, Director of Consultancy, the purpose of the visit was to explore the areas of collaboration.

Before visiting INES infrastructures, laboratories and other teaching and learning facilities, they had a talk with the Rector where he explained the historical background of INES-Ruhengeri

After INES tour, the guest had a meeting with INES Top Management and different senior academic staff from different Departments.

The meeting started by presentation of participants, after what the Rector of INES-Ruhengeri, Fr. Dr Fabien HAGENIMANA presented an update on INES-RUHENGERI including INES historical background, academic programs, students and staff figures, partnership, orientation of INES as UAS, research, core values and ambitious of INES.

After the presentation, participants shared observations and experience.

The Rector of INES reminded that, INES is in collaboration with UR from long time.

The UR DVCAA and UR Director of Consultancy shown a great appreciation of INES-RUHENGERI and confirmed that there are many areas of collaboration between INES and UR. Prof. Ijumba specified that collaboration is beyond signing a MoU. Both institutions need an active partnership. Among others, the guests suggested collaboration in the following areas:

  • linkage with industry, staff development, students’ supervision, joint research, transport and logistics, use of INES laboratories by CAVM, Consultancy (to build a big and strong consortium for consultancy), Synergy in implementing big projects, Training, E-resources (consortium of libraries; linking libraries), Biodiversity, Geotechnical studies of the region, Sharing calls for publication and calls for scholarship, Students and staff exchange.

On the side of INES, all these suggestions were welcomed. INES representatives, suggested additions as follows:

  • To find mechanism to boost qualification of academic staff in Rwanda as it was a recommendation of IUCEA, Mentorship of new PhD holders to allow them to grow, To revamp the quality of education in Rwanda, Advocacy, To better harmonize similar programs for a better title.

Concluding the meeting, the Rector underlined the relevancy of the visit and the meeting for both institutions. He recognized that there is more advantage in collaboration both between leadership (Managers) and community (staff and students). He suggested that members of INES research clusters visit the sister clusters in UR and UR delegation encouraged this initiative.

Both parties agreed on preparation of draft MoU which will present general principals guiding this partnership while specific issues will be handled through a specific agreement with a concerned college and INES.

Prof. Musahara on teaching microscope

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