23rd commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi

June 9th 2017 INES-RUHENGERI joined the whole nation to inaugurate the 23rd commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

During the holy Mass
After the holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Dr. Fabien HAGENIMANA and Fr. NEMEYAMAHORO Pie where Fr. Fabien insisted on charity, unity and love, a quiet walk to remember started which involved the entire INES Staff, students and different guests to Muhoza Memorial Site, laid flowers on the Muhoza memorial center and pray for the victims which are in this memorial site.

Walk to remember

This inauguration gathered INES students and staff, stakeholders, friends, local government authorities, army and police representatives. All speeches delivered at this ceremony turned around grounds of commemorating the Genocide against Tutsi, comforting the survivors and encouraging them to fetch energy from commemoration and fight against genocide ideology to meet the theme of this year’s commemoration which is “Remember the Genocide against Tutsi Fight Genocide Ideology – Build on our progress”.

A flame of hope in INES ground and candles were enlightened.


Mourners had time to remember their lost relatives and friends during the Tutsi Genocide in 1994. Be strong and Remember-Unite-Renew “Genocide never again”.

When addressing to the audience coordinator of AERG-Indame (the Students’ Association for survivors of the Genocide against Tutsi) at INES level, Mr. NTWARI Benjamain, the commemoration period is a very important opportunity for the survivors of the Genocide against Tutsi to rethink about what happened to them during the tragic period of Genocide. He added that this period enables survivors of the Genocide against Tutsi to learn from history and plan for their future and for of the nation.

Rector of INES-Ruhengeri Fr. Dr. Fabien HAGENIMANA thanked the invitees and told to the INES community especially to the students survivors of the Genocide against Tutsi to work hard in their studies in order to be strong and build the future.

 Rector of INES-Ruhengeri presenting his Speech

When addressing to the audience, Gen. Eugene NKUBITO second division commander, he explained ideology of Genocide and how to fight against this ideology. He said that Rwanda has chosen to build the nation of security. “We have achieved many after Genocide, even this university, INES-Ruhengeri, was built after Genocide and its contributing to the development of the country” He said. “We have to sustain the security; everyone needs peace and security” he added.  He concluded by thanking INES management for organizing this event.

Gen. Eugene NKUBITO

When addressing to the audience HABYARIMANA Jean Damascène, Mayor of Musanze district insisted on how INES-Ruhengeri’s students can build the nation through the academic activities. He also thanked INES-Ruhengeri for its efforts to highly take part in activities of commemoration of the Genocide against Tutsi even if INES-Ruhengeri was created after the Genocide against Tutsi. “As intellectuals this is a contribution to rehabilitate our country devastated during the period of Genocide against Tutsi” he said. He urged INES-Ruhengeri community to dissociate from any form of hatred and Genocide ideology focusing on projects aiming at developing the country.

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