English debate competition among INES students

The English debate competition started in INES-Ruhengeri from February 20th to March 4th, 2019. This competition had its specific theme which was” SPEAK THROUGH YOUR MIND AND SHINE” which covered 28 motions. In line with this theme, students got enough time to express themselves in English language through their respective departments and assigned motions from the preliminary to final round.

In these debate competitions organized by    INES Students Union (INES-SU) according to their action plan 16 departments were supposed to attend for debating though 4 departments did not turn up in the organized English debate competition in our campus. All teams in preliminary round tossed the motions and sides for their proposition and opposition before one day to the live debate for enabling both contestants to do more researches about their tossed motions.

The students who were in competition from the beginning to the end were more interested in it because of the researches and tangible sources they brought to the house at large. The competition had rules and regulations to follow so that this academic activity could effectively be achieved. The rubrics of debate judgment were presented to them and mark to be awarded to each point. The following rubrics were based on when judges adjudicating all contestants.

Through all teams competed, two of them reached and played the final round. The winning team was Land Survey Level I which was composed of only three girls on the panel and this is aligned with the number of the girls who actively came for debate. The winning team was more confident and fluent in English language. They showed more tangible resources and researches that they did. In spite of being strong in sciences, they are also capable of social activities. The contestants of the winning team were Civil Engineering Level II which was also composed of two girls and one boy. The team members tried their best and used good English language very well though some of their raised arguments did not carry the same weight as the winning team.

This debate competition was like introduction because some other debate competitions are being planned to be done in either English or French every semester. So, French debate competition is being planned this forthcoming May.

Audience during the dibate

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