A third-year law student at INES is the second at the national level

Oli Health Magazine Organization (OHMO) organized the first competition under two themes: One titled Coronavirus Global awareness and another titled Self-care, mental health and coping with Covid-19. The competition aimed at raising awareness of Covid-19 in youth as well as the world at large. OHMO students in high schools and universities participate in the competition through different categories under two mentioned themes. Posters of the competition were sent out to universities and high schools.

UMUHUZA Faraja Judith a third-year law student at INES University was among the participants. She was among the top 2 in the category of articles at the national level. Many students competed but only 20 were declared as winners and each was given a certificate of recognition and awarded cash prizes.

“I learned about the OHMO Competition through posters that were on notice board at our campus, INES-Ruhengeri, and then I gave myself a chance to try it out. Fortunately, I won the second position in the category of articles and the fifth on the overall list of all categories at the National level. I thanked, thank, and will forever thank God for never letting me down. I thank INES’s Vice Chancellor for bringing opportunities for his students. Besides, I thank INES staff and students at large for showing love and support through voting for my article, which gave it the chance to appear among the best. I would like to encourage other students to always take advantage of opportunities offered by the university because it is for their own benefits such as following and realizing their dreams and to be the best version of themselves” said UMUHUZA Faraja Judith.

UMUHUZA Faraja Judith a third-year law student at INES