Alumni success stories

What to know on INES ALUMNI

 Alumni stand for men and women who have completed their studies at a college or university.

The important dates in INES-Ruhengeri are the following:

  • INES opened its doors on 17th November 2003
  • INES obtained its degree awarding powers by ministerial order n° 05/2010/mineduc of 16 June 2010
  • Its first graduation ceremony was organized on June 30th 2010.

From 2006, all graduates are supposed to be member of INES Alumni, so a great number of 6059 are graduated from INES until 2018. Another graduation is scheduled in the upcoming days/ February 2019.

However, in the last year 2018, INES Alumni was revived in March and was done 4 meetings including the General Assembly. They voted their representatives from all 12 departments and the entire committee with 2 committees:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Accountant Commissioners

As source of inspiration for the students, Alumni has awarded the best students across the 4 or 5 years of studies at the 9th graduation, he has participated in Career Day Exhibitions and some of them exhibited their business. In addition to this, some of them (Patrick UWINEZA and colleagues) are animated the RTV Emission known as “INSPIRE ME’. Moreover, members of INES Alumni have taken part into the induction period, September Intake by sharing with  the current students their experiences at INES and after their leave, and this has been very helpful for the new comers.