Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering

Dr Emmanuel RUKUNDO

Head of Department

Phone: +250(0)781958885


Entry profile

One of the missions of INES-Ruhengeri is to train students in applied sciences. In the aim of strengthening capacity building in polytechnic domains and after benchmarking with different programs offered in other European, American and African universities, INES- Ruhengeri wants to start the training programme of Civil Engineers who can be competitive nationally, regionally and internationally.

As Civil Engineers are internationally recognized as tough mathematics and physics users, candidates for civil engineering department at INES-Ruhengeri must be laureates from secondary schools who have done at least six hours of mathematics and four hours of physics in the all three years of second cycle of secondary schools with moderates or high knowledge in both French and English. He/she must pass at test of mathematics and physics before being admitted in the department.

Exit profile and number of years and Degree awards

The Department of civil engineering has developed a program covering four (4) years of undergraduate courses for students to successfully complete the Civil Engineering program. The first two years cover the general sciences (Math, chemistry, and physics) and basic engineering courses that students will need to complete the civil engineering programme. The Department defined the profile of the graduate in Civil Engineering as the following:

  • 1. The graduate engineer will work in project design, i.e. in the initial conception and design of civil engineering projects.
  • 2. He/she will work towards improving existing techniques and developing appropriated technologies nationally, regionally and globally.
  • 3. He/she will be versatile in the domain of civil engineering and will be able to design and mange construction projects, bridges, highways and hydraulics. He will be able to easily specialize according to market needs and demands.
  • 4. He/she will be competitive, nationally and internationally.
  • 5. He/she will go on to pursuing graduate studies such as a doctorate degree.

Civil Eng. Module Desicription