Ambassador of Germany in Rwanda visited INES-Ruhengeri

On this Wednesday 23rd October 2019, Dr Thomas Kuvz, Ambassador of Germany in Rwanda, has visited INES-Ruhengeri in order to see the progress of partnership INES has with different Germany institutions, universities and other institutions.

When welcoming ambassador, Vice Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri Fr. Dr Fabien Hagenimana explained the motion behind the creation of INES-Ruhengeri and its orientation of being University of Applied Sciences. Vice Chancellor also underlined the partnership and projects INES is running in collaboration with Germany institutions like:

RFH Cologne

  • DAAD: Fact Findig Mission in 2018 (in Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania)
  • DAAD-Project SLiCE: In close cooperation with companies operating in Germany and Rwanda, to cooperation in biomedical studies with collaborative use of laboratory facilities. international companies.
  • Erasmus+: Capacity Building Program
  • Erasmus+ Mobility Programme KA107: Funds for student and teacher mobility for study, training and teaching purposes between RFH and INES (2019-2021)
  • Establishing Structures for Project Management for Contract research in East African Universities (PM4CR) (BMBF Announcement: Guideline for the Promotion of Development and Establishment of Contract Research in the African Innovation System)
  • Business Information Systems for East-African Academic Institutions (BIS4EA) (for DAAD Programme: Technical Partnerships)” 
  • Biomedical laboratory for analysis of medicinal plants and spinoff creation


  • Establishment of a botanic garden of medicinal plants
  • Training of traditional healers for more professionalization
  • Promoting girls for sciences through improving their livelihood

TH Bingen

  • Students for „semester aussetzen“. So far one strudent from Kaizerslautern joined INES for 6 months
  • Linkage with Rhineland Palatinate commitment to partner for the the implementation of the LOI signed between MINAGRI and Rheineland Palatinate
  • AFRICAN GREENSCAPES – Participatory Action Research for Creating Viable Farms in Sustainable Landscapes of East-Africa.


  • 2 visits of German delegations led by Minister Wissing Volker
  • Agreement to promote agriculture through: Smart farming, viticulture and farmers cooperatives promotion.

Hohschule Mainz

  • Annul visit of German team of around 20 students and staff for a week with INES students on business ideas that are relevant in the region
  • Visit of Prof Gerhard, the President of Hochschule Mainz in January 2020 in order to strengthen partnership and explore better areas of collaboration. Advantage of sharing most of the hard sciences programs.

Leipzig University

  • African German Entrepreneurship Academy (2017-2020) for the promotion of entrepreneurship centers in higher learning institutions through incubation centers, summer schools and prototype competitions.


  • Afordable housing through development of waterproof building materials without fire.

TUM (Technical University of Munich)

  • ADLAND brings together a wide network and is coordinated at TUM . It is an Advancing collaborative research in responsible and smart land management in and for Africa project (ADLAND) is an international consortium of 6 universities offering support to NELGA in Africa it is collaborating with Ines-Ruhengeri in Rwanda, Ardhi University in Tanzania, Technical University of Namibia


  • Together with TUM, INES received consultancy work by GIZ, Rwanda Revenue Authority and Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority on the Consultancy to Enhance land administration information system (LAIS) and improve land related revenue collection in Rwanda

From Wednesday to Friday there is a delegation from RFH Cologne, (RFH – University of Applied Science) to discount with INES staff from Biomedical Laboratory Sciences and Computer Science how both institutions can use e-learning for teaching, learning, research and also for capacity building.

Ambassador of Germany in Rwanda @ INES-Ruhengeri

“INES has many partners from Germany, I come here to see INES-Ruhengeri and meet with delegation from RFH Cologne” said Ambassador

“I have discussed with Vice Chancellor the way we can keep this partnership, I am happy that many of INES partners are from Rhineland Palatinate and you know Rwanda and Rhineland Palatinate have partnership from last forty years” said Ambassador

Ambassador of Germany in Rwanda visited INES-Ruhengeri

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