Announcing the 2020 EAC-KFW Scholarships at INES-Ruhengeri

INES-Ruhengeri is an Institute of Applied Sciences based in Rwanda,  Northern Province, Musanze District at the feet of the volcanoes and the national park, the home of mountain gorillas. Since its creation as a postgenocide initiatve, INES-Ruhengeri aimed at being a resilient higher learning institution eager to respond to the needs of the people. From 2010, INES-Ruhengeri decided to take a new  orientation of University of Applied Sciences as the best way to bridge the discrepancy between academic products and labour market needs. This new orientation transformed INES-Ruhengeri into a practical higher learning institution  ready to bridge the gap between academia and community development needs. To respond to the new pace, the programs of INES-Ruhengeri were redesigned while new programs were introduced. The tridimensional educational approach of INES-Ruhengeri combines   classroom, laboratory and community in order to prepare knowledgeable, skilled, competent and well behaved graduates ready to respond to regional development dynamism.  It is in this context that the Master’s of arts in Microfinance and the Master’s of Science in taxation were introduced.

The following are the detailed conditions and criteria for applications to EAC-KFW scholarships:

Selection Criteria

The following are the mandatory requirements: Applicants should:

  1. a) Be citizens of a partner state of the East African Community;
  2. b) Possess the required academic qualifications for admission to the programme.
  3. c) Submit a well written motivation letter in English elaborating on the following:
  1. Motivation for wanting to pursue the Master’s Programme chosen in section above
  2. Foreseen professional engagement in EAC Integration agenda after completing the Master’s studies.
  3. Expected application of the acquired skills and knowledge from the Master’s Programme to contribute to the EAC Integration Agenda
  4. Personal professional and academic vision in the next 5 to 10 years

Note: Please note that all the above should be covered in one letter of not more than 500 words

  1. d) Be below 35 years of age
  2. e) Apply to study in an EAC Partner State other than their country of citizenship.                           

Application process

Applications will be submitted through the following process and steps:

  1. Identify the programme of your choice at INES-Ruhengeri (list of TWO funded programmes is above) (
  2. Fill the application form for admission to INES-Ruhengeri. Guidelines are available at: (
  3. Fill an application form for the scholarship (available on the IUCEA website at:;
  4. Append the supporting documentation for the admission as per university requirements and for the scholarship as per section 7;
  5. Submit both application forms electronically to the University via & and copy to the following email addresses:
  2. indicating the subject line as; YOUR NAME, PROGRAMME APPLIED FOR AND UNIVERSITY

Note: The application fee is 10,000 Rwf, pay them on one of the below Bank –Account:

  • I&M Bank on account no: 0062534-01-85
  • BK on account no: 00052-0056073-79 (Swift code: BKIGRWRW)
  • GT Bank on account no: 015-1100817
  • Equity Bank on account no: 4007211232378
  • KCB  Rwanda on account no: 4400644626
  • Cogebanque on account no: 00003-01390149424-50

And send the payment slip on;

Please find the following additional documents on the scholarship:

  1. Call for Applications
  2. Application Form (EAC)
  3. Application (INES-Ruhengeri)

In case of any enquiries, please contact:

Academic Registration, Emmanuel NSENGIYUMVA, INES-Ruhengeri

Tel: Emmanuel NSENGIYUMVA: +250 786 356 510 Email:

Or Head of Department of Enterprises Management, Dr. NIYIBIZI Francois Xavier: , +250 788 757 293

Apart from sponsorship from EAC-KFW, INES-Ruhengeri offers these programs at affordable price for self-sponsored students.

!!You are welcome to INES-Ruhengeri at the foot of volcanoes!!