Public defense of Enock Shema
Technology is being used in public defense

On this Thursday 23rd January 2020 a student called Enock Shema from the department of Land Administration and Management defended his book while he was in Europe. It was really a special presentation where the student was in Germany, one of the panelists, his supervisor Ir. Jossam Potel was in Netherlands other panelists Dr. Richard […]

ICT leads today’s education

On this Tuesday, 30th August 2016 INES-Ruhengeri and Data System/Gira ICT signed the MoU. The purpose of this MoU is to provide to students and staff ICT tool including but not limited to Laptops, tablets at reduced price paid in installments.

Surveying lab
Lab Material testing

Main activities in the laboratory In this lab, we test construction Materials usable in Civil Engineering like: Soil, Sand, Aggregates, Cement, Bitumen.  List of test that can be done in  civil engineering Lab. Soil Complete identification: – Sieve analysis – Atterbeg limit – Proctor test – CBR test – Moisture content – Bulk Density – […]

Survay Camp1
Survey Camp 2016

INES-Ruhengeri each year in its department of Land Survey organizes in campus workshop called Survey Camp where students of level V given technical assignment to work on during two weeks. Survey camp is an internationally approved module for virtually all undergraduate degree programmes in land survey worldwide. Survey camp constitutes a field survey exercise usually […]