Clinical chemistry lab

Clinical Chemistry Lab at INES Ruheneri is intended to serve the practical educational needs of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences students from year (level) 1 through year (level) 3 of study.

Clinical chemistry lab is concerned with measurement of amounts of biologically important substances ‘analytes’ in body fluids ( urine, blood ,…)

Students in Level 1 come in lab for urinalysis in chemical pathology 1; students in level 2 come in lab for diagnosis of metabolic diseases such as blood glucose, liver disease, kidney diseases while students in level 3 come in lab for  diagnosis of deficiency related diseases such as vitamins level testing

About training in clinical chemistry lab

The students are trained in laboratory  techniques for diagnosis of clinical pathologies:  liver, kidney, heart, pancreas, muscles diseases  and  metabolic diseases: diabetes, gout, …

Fifteen (15) students come in lab at a time and  then split into 3 groups  of five (5)for hands-on in:

            Preparation of working reagents,

            Specimen processing, 

           Manipulation of lab equipments & analyzers, 

Practical sessions:  students hands on:

A number of tests are performed using different reagents: Urea, glucose, creatinine, Gamma-GT, total protein, Total cholesterol, High density lipoprtein, Low density lipoprotein, …

Training of Students in clinical chemistry lab

Different tests are performed and results generated interpreted by students under guidance and supervision the Lecturer & Lab Analyst in charge .

Trained students will become competent & skilled laboratory professionals capable of effectively support medical/research services in the future.