Giveback activity by Fawe Rwanda Scholars

Giveback activity:  “a great way to involve your whole family in serving others! It enables people to look outside of themselves and give back to the community”

In this way, the scholars’ giveback activity was held in Musanze District on Sunday, 28th February 2021, where they visited children with disabilities at Saint Vincent de Paul Children Rehabilitation Center in Musanze. At the center, they look after many children with disabilities where they provide them different services including physiotherapy, medical treatment, and special care according to their problems. They visited 39 children boys and girls (6-20 years) who are staying at the center.

They departed from INES-Ruhengeri at 15:00 p.m. with a delegation of 20 people including the Dean of Students’ Welfare and also mentor at INES-Ruhengeri, the hostel’s manager, Minister of disability from the Guild Council, and representative scholars from all four cohorts. 

The event had a theme ‘Covid-19 and persons with disabilities’ Where we had a great time discussing their contribution to fighting Covid-19, reminding them of the preventive measures and how they should keep focusing on their goals and dreams despite all the challenges they face due to this pandemic. Besides the message we delivered, we provided them food, clothes, sanitary materials, and pairs of shoes. We got time to share with them some juice and biscuits, thereby sharing with us their vision and dreams, like becoming the president, pilot, doctors… from that we gave them words of motivation and encouragement.

We humbly appreciate the full support we got from INES-Ruhengeri, for giving us the permission to go there and the transport facility, and their day-to-day support in our everyday life at the campus

Said Miss DUSINGIZIMANA Margueritte Marie representative of all scholars

“We extend also our appreciation to FAWE Rwanda-Mastercard Foundation for the endlessly support they render in all kinds, the spirit of giveback that we have attained is all from our beloved parents, our aim is to extend the roots so as the branches can reach as far as possible”.