Hydraulic lab


  • Civil Engineering laboratory of INES-Ruhengeri is one the laboratories which is used by students in academic programs for teaching in didactical Materials, demonstrations, Experiments and testing.
  • INES-Ruhengeri as an academic Institution, Civil Engineering laboratory offers also research and community service.

In this lab, students come for demonstration and simulation of hydraulic behaviours using didactical Materials .

As output, the students will be able to design their hydraulic structure in their future carrier after identifying different parameters on fields.

Main activities in the laboratory

Simulation and demonstration:

  • Hydraulic Opening Channel (Flume)
  • Use of Weir
  • Use of Notch
  • Relationship between slope, velocity, hydraulic jump
  • Jet Impact
  • Turbine application
  • Pipe friction in water supply.


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