INES donated 17326 books

On this 15th June 2018 during the ceremony of closing education week in Ruhengeri diocese INES-Ruhengeri donated 17326 books to the secondary schools.

These books are in different domains such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, economics, managements, law and education which are12497and novels 4829.

As every university has Teaching, Research and Community engagement in the agenda, INES-Ruhengeri wants to support the government/ partners in the program called “Mureke dusome” by donating these books to students in secondary schools. These books will help:

  • To strengthen the capacity of school library and improve student literacy;
  • To increase effective community and parental involvement to improve literacy skills through community engagement and social and behavior change communication;
  • To foster a culture of reading.

Mr. JABO Paul the executive secretary of Northern Province thanked INES-Ruhengeri for the important gift to the schools. “These books donated by INES-Ruhengeri it’s not a gift for today or for these students here present it’s a gift for the future and for the coming generation” He said. “INES is good partner of the province” he added

Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA thanked partners and encourage students of Ruhengeri diocese to work hard for their better future. “Use the opportunities you have and increase your performance” he said.  

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