INES –Ruhengeri coping with COVID-19

On Tuesday, 4th January 2022, the Vice-Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri, Fr. Dr. Fabien Hagenimana called upon every student and staff to join hands in fighting against COVID-19. He was addressing his Welcome message and best wishes for the New Year 2022.

The Vice-Chancellor Fr. Dr. Fabien Hagenimana addressing his season’s best wishes

“As Omicron-new COVID-19 variant is spreading so faster, let us all together join hands in fighting against COVID- 19”, the Vice-Chancellor requested.

He went on encouraging students as well as staff members to get full vaccinated. Today, INES has installed a digital checking system at its main gate entrance where a machine detects the students’ cards and the employees’ services cards to make sure that they have been vaccinated or not.

Smart card checking point for vaccinated people at INES

In fact, all members of INES-Ruhengeri are required to follow the hygiene rules as issued: wearing facemasks, washing hands with clean water and soap or using hand sanitizers, keeping social distancing and self-isolation in case of infection.

“For isolated students, the class works and examinations that will be done while he/she was isolated will be granted after being recovered”, the Vice-Chancellor promised.

Students washing hands at the INES main gate

The INES-Students should reveal any infection case if there is any to the Dean of Students or to one of the established Task Force against COVID-19.

Banner installed at INES-Ruhengeri’s main entrance

Wishing a Happy New Year 2022 to the Students, the Vice-Chancellor reminded them to take into account the descent behavior within and outside the campus. Moreover, he mentioned some opportunities that students should exploit at INES including several Clubs, Igisubizo Cultural Troupe, INES Music Band, Library, Internet network, Language Center, etc.

For the Foreign Students, a special warm welcome was sent to them in order they feel at home. INES members were requested to integrate the international students by using English language as an academic communication tool and ensure that they stay safe and well against COVID-19.

INES-Ruhengeri is one of a few educational institutions that were permitted to go blended during COVID-19 pandemic. They have morally and financially supported students who could not go home during the lockdown period.

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