INES-Ruhengeri is committed to support the World Class Day event on a regular basis

On 10th November 2021, INES-Ruhengeri in partnership with University of Saskatchewan celebrated the World Class Day. The event took place at the Institute of Applied Sciences (INES-Ruhengeri) from where students have presented their research projects within five minutes each.  

Dr David Parkinson, Professor emeritus, University of Saskatchewan (photo/zoom)

By a live video link, students have provided a focus and motivation for their research. They have also identified a key finding and anticipated the next steps.  Each student presenter has worked with a peer mentor who is familiar with the format and style of student research area. The peer mentors are working in various foreign Universities such as Saskatchewan University (Canada), Manipal University (India), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (India), Karnavati University (India),  Jambi University (Indonesia), CEU San Pablo ,Madrid (Spain), Manchester, New Hampshire (USA), Calabar University (Canada) and Vancouver University (Canada).

“This session is fruitful indeed in linking students to the international researchers and labor market”, said Fr Dr. Fabien Hagenimana, Vice-Chancellor of INES –Ruhengeri. He really appreciated this initiative which was undertaken by David Parkinson, Professor emeritus, University of Saskatchewan and  he thanked him for his passion for quality education.  Fr Dr Fabien Hagenimana added that INES-Ruhengeri is committed to support the event on a regular basis.

 Students are committed to take into consideration all comments received while they will be fine tuning their research topics.

Nine students presented scientific topics which are in relation with valorization of INES Botanical Garden, production of instant soup from local farmed vegetables, insects farming and processing, hydrology, study of building materials, assessment of blood and blood products transfusion, etc. Students pledged to incorporate all comments from the session into their research topics in order to come up with effective academic work.

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