INES as institute of applied sciences needs more partners in this orientation not only for the student’s internship and field visits but also for research, projects, public lecturers and so on; It’s in this regards on this Thursday 29th November 2018, INES-Ruhengeri signs memorandum of understanding (MoU) with PRIMECEMENT LTD.

PRIMECEMENT LTD, RWANDA is a Private Limited Company oriented/aiming at Cement Factory Construction in Musanze.

The parties agree that they will work hand in hand with the aim of quality services and professionalism in the domains of Civil Engineering and Surveying, the reciprocal/mutual cooperation will mainly include to:

  • Organize and conduct specific short term trainings to INES Ruhengeri technical staff;
  • Collaboration in INES programs review in the domain of engineering;
  • Provide short courses, public lectures, seminars, internships and study visits respectively to the needs of each part;
  • Conduct research projects and consultancy organized and carried out together under proposal of either party;
  • Initiate jointly projects of mutual interests;
  • Facilitating INES-Ruhengeri students and staff to use civil Engineering and surveying equipment of PRIMECEMENT LTD RWANDA in their practices and researches. By this MoU parties agree to apply a preferential rate in case of financial commitment;
  • Facilitating PRIMECEMENT LTD RWANDA to use civil Engineering, surveying equipment and different laboratories of INES-RUHENGERI related to its domain. By this MoU parties agree that in case of financial commitment concerning laboratories services, PRIMECEMENT LTD RWANDA will enjoy a discount of 25% of the ordinary price;
  • Promoting INES ALUMNI by offering occasion of professional internship and industrial attachment;
  • Collaboration in elaboration of programs of short trainings in the domain of engineering;
  • Parties agree to give priority to requests and/or jobs assigned by other party.

The parties agree to work together in good faith, through joint and concerted cooperation in accordance with the provisions of this memorandum, in order to implement the objectives, set above.

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