INES students take Sebeya as case study

Civil Engineering students and lecturers have made a field visit on Sebeya River to see how they can provide solution to the surrounding community. This visit of 7th March 2018 comes after disaster cause by this river in few day ago where a total of 924 housing units were destroyed and three people left injured following heavy rains which triggered floods in Rubavu District on Saturday, according to provincial authorities.

The heavy downpour saw Sebeya River burst its banks, with Kanama, Rugerero and Nyundo sectors the most hit areas.

The head of Nyundo Arts School, Sébastien Nizeyimana, said the school lost equipment worth Rwf 7 million. “We lost machines, training equipment and so many other materials”

The Sebeya river originates in the mountains of Rutsiro District. Its watershed includes areas of the districts of Rutsiro, Ngororero and Rubavu. It flows past the mission of Nyungo, established in some kilometres upstream from Gisenyi. Below Rubavu the river powers a hydroelectric system that provides electricity to the town of Gisenyi and to the local brewery.

These students and academic staff of INES-Ruhengeri in the department of Civil Engineering hope to find a suite solution for this river.


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