INES Students Union, community engagement

INES Students Union supported poor families in Musanze sector, Gakoro village in Runyango cell during “Umuganda” on this Saturday 31 March 2018. SERUGENDO Andre born in 1925 and his wife MAKWINDI Martha are high aged and poor people in this village. After visiting this family INES students decided to help them.

Students support this family of SERUGENDO Andre and MAKWINDI Martha by construction of kitchen, “Akarima k’igikoni” and toilet. They also gave them matela and bed cover.







INES has in its agenda Contribution to the development of the surrounding community where

Through “IMIHIGO Y’INTORE”, INES contributes to the solving of major problems encountered by the population living in its surroundings. Here are some activities that INES has conducted or is currently conducting:

  • Supporting poor people with “Mutuelle de Sante”: Through IMIHIGO INES support poor people who cannot afford the cost of “Mutuelle de Sante”. In the last academic year , a total of 1500 people were supported.
  • Legal Clinic: Through the Faculty of Law INES provides legal advice and training to the surrounding community. For instance, INES recently trained all conciliators “Abunzi” in legal A) procedures and issues.
  • Land legal clinic: This is another legal support service centre established in the Department of Land Administration and Management. It’s support goes from sensitizing the surrounding population in land related law to providing legal support for those with land related problems. This is coupled with research on land and resources related issues.

 Based on these good examples INES students through their organization called INES-SU, INES Students Union, organize actions to contribute to the development of the community and implementation of government policies.

During this action they also gave goats to the vulnerable people, NYIRAGASAGI Melanie, GASABUBU and BITITAWEHO Felicien.

Mr. Evode MUVUNYI, Land officer in Musanze Sector thanked INES-Ruhengeri and its students for helping in social security of the population he explained to the audience what can be done to increase the well fair of the population. “The voice of INES is understandable everywhere in the region” He said. INES can use its good academic programs to develop the region and we have example. He added

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