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12th Graduation ceremony

Biomedical Laboratory Sciences


Head of Department

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Biomedical Laboratory Sciences  

Aims and Goals of the Program

The aim of the Biomedical Laboratory Sciences program is to prepare candidates to become valuable staff of a medical team as pathologists, technologists and technicians who will be proficient in the procurement and analyses of biological specimens and who are capable of interpreting the results obtained by such analyses.
It is anticipated that graduates of the program will be able to apply their knowledge and acquired skills in a wide variety of laboratory settings in order to make an effective contribution to the prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease.
The goals of the Biomedical Laboratory Technology program are to enable the students:

  • To acquire competence in the practice of the profession, i.e., in carrying out the tasks and activities and fulfilling the roles and functions related to the profession;
  • To develop practices to ensure quality assurance;
  • To develop skills related to interacting and communicating with clients;
  • To work in collaboration with other health professionals;
  • To adapt to technological change;
  •  To manage their personal and professional development.

a. Carrier opportunities

The graduates will have the job opportunities in the following health facilities and establishments:

  • Public and Private Clinical Laboratories
  • Clinical and Polyclinic Centres
  • Biomedical Research Centres
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Public Health Laboratories
  • Public Health NGOs
  •  Volunteering programs

Entry requirements

The student wishing to join the program of BLS should have completed six years of Secondary Education with the following minimum qualification:

  • Advanced Certificate awarded by the Rwanda Education Board (REB) or its equivalent from a recognized institution with at least two principal passes in any of the following subject combinations:
  • Physics-Chemistry-Biology (PCB),
  • Mathematics-Chemistry-Biology (MCB),
  • Biology-Chemistry-Geography (BCG)
  •  Advanced Level Certificate of Education (A2), Option in Medical Laboratory Sciences/Technology or its equivalent from a recognized institution.

Note: English is the only medium of instruction

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