NELGA staff exchange programme

INES-Ruhengeri has been selected to host NELGA staff members in the framework of staff exchange among the Network of Excellence for Land Governance in Africa (NELGA). Through the department of Land Administration and Management, department of Land Survey, department of Civil Engineering and department of Water Engineering, INES-Ruhengeri has put land management/governance in its priorities.

NELGA is a partnership of African universities and research institutions with proven leadership in education, training and research on land governance. Currently NELGA has more than 70 partner institutions across Africa including INES-Ruhengeri.

The staff exchange programme aims to improve the quality and quantity of training and research on land governance at African universities by fostering staff exchange between NELGA institutions. The programme promotes demand-driven teaching and research and fosters mutual knowledge and institutional specialisation in the field of land governance and land management.

The staff exchange programme is meant for:

  • Implementing education and/or training events;
  • Supporting activities from the regional nodes to NELGA partner universities/research institutes;
  • Implementing curricula developments and/or reviews;
  • Facilitating the organization of guest lectures;
  • Other similar activities.

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