Prof Gerhard Muth the President of Mainz University visited INES

On this Monday 10th February 2020, the delegation of staff and students from Mainz University of Applied Science in Germany lead by the President of Mainz University, Prof Gerhard Muth visited INES-Ruhengeri to strengthen the partnership already exist between two universities of applied sciences.

Delegation in Material testing lab

Before visiting INES infrastructures, laboratories and other teaching and learning facilities, they had a talk with INES Vice Chancellor where he explained the historical background of INES-Ruhengeri.
Mainz delegation with INES VC made tour of teaching facilities and laboratories like Material testing laboratory, Hydraulic laboratory, Water quality laboratory, Food processing unit, Food Microbiology laboratory, Clinical Microbiology laboratory, Parasitology laboratory, Molecular biology and Immunoserology laboratory, Phlebotomy and Anatomy laboratory, Chemistry laboratory, Haematology and Immunohematology laboratory, Clinical chemistry laboratory, Tissu culture laboratory, Surveying laboratory, Computer laboratories, Civil Engineering workshops and screen houses.
The meeting started by presentation of participants, after self-introduction the Vice Chancellor INES-Ruhengeri, Fr. Dr Fabien HAGENIMANA presented an update on INES-RUHENGERI including INES historical background, academic programs, students and staff figures, partnership, orientation of INES as UAS, research, core values and ambitious of INES.

Mainz and INES students in group discussion

Prof Gerhard Muth and his delegation have made presentation about the university show different opportunities and area of collaboration with INES.
After the presentations, participants shared observations and experiences; both institutions showed the willing to enhance collaboration in different academic areas including;
 Academic staff and students exchange
 Programs design, programs evaluation and teaching
 Mainz should help INES in the journal of being applied science university
 Joint scientist Research
Concluding the meeting, the Vice Chancellor underlined the relevancy of the visit and the meeting for both institutions. He recognized that there is more advantage in collaboration both between leadership (Managers) and community (staff and students).

Group photo INES team with Mainz delegation