Quality of education needs coordinated efforts for its success, Priest Hagenimana

Fabien Hagenimana, the Rector of INES-Ruhengeri said that quality education reality is among the activities that have not yet attained objectives given that there are various factors that need to be catered for as part of a solution to the issue.

In an exclusive interview with The Express News, Hagenimana said that coordinated efforts from various entities are needed to establish sustainable solution to quality of education.
Hagenimana said that the sustainable development goals, goal number 4 of quality education still needs more efforts so that it goes along with other developmental initiatives.

He said that it should be better when foreigners seek to study in Rwanda instead of Rwandans to seek to study abroad.

He said that the role of everyone is paramount in achieving this, saying that parents, children, teachers and policy makers should be involved.
“The government, schools’ owners, school leaders, children, teachers and quality of education should start from primary to University.” He said.

He said that there is need of effort to implement competent based curriculum to endure quality of education.
The made in Rwanda in education is also a good concern to emphasize Rwandan values and discipline a Rwandan need to success in everything. these values should raise with the quality of education,
He gives an example of how INES Ruhengeri was incepted a couple of years ago, when they used Rwandan values to retrieve people’s mindset and trust.

“Thinking on how establishing the University, we started with discussions with local government entities and citizens’ideas, we chose to build on three principles: to retrieve a hope in people, to build Unity and Reconciliation as well as sustainable development.” Hagenimana said.

Quality of education is possible

Hegenimana said that quality of education is a requisite to fill various gaps that include lack of professional personnel of this development era, lack of problem solving skills, failure to implement self and national programmmes, failure to attract education-based tourism, failure to satisfy potential investors with skilled staff, paying much foreign currencies for foreign education, having experts who studied abroad but lacking national values, shame to have education degrees that are not productive, etc.

“However many people say that quality of education should be raised, they do not care of how it will be done and who will do that, we cannot put it on the shoulders of the Ministry of Education, it requires joint efforts from various entities, reason why people need to share ideas in line with having education that builds knowledge-based development, it needs to start from nursery schools, to primary and secondary schools up to Universities.” He said.
He said that in a broad sense, Rwandans start to look for solution to quality of education at secondary and University levels.

Expectations from Rwandans in Diaspora

we need that people understand that we are living, information is a key, so, Rwandan community abroad should be aware that INES exists and operates well, they do not need to build on the past mindset where people could not trust local education. INES exists and has a good vision. It would be also a good support to link us with foreign companies and Universities so as we can collaborate in expanding opportunities for quality education improvement.
He said this noting that some foreign experts can come and give support. “as for us INES, we can manage to pay whoever can come to help us as an expert because we always look on national development

About INES Ruhengeri

INES-Ruhengeri officially opened its doors on November, 17th 2003, under the name of “Université Internationale au Rwanda (UNIR)”; but the idea to its creation came in September, 2000 under the initiative of Ruhengeri Catholic Diocese.

The threefold foundations on which INES is built include the signs of hope, contribute to unity and reconciliation and to contribute to sustainable development.

INES Ruhengeri has embarked on the concept of University of Applied Sciences in order to respond to labor market and community developmental needs. Investments in both infrastructure and staff have raised its ranking among Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) in the region. Conducive physical and social environment has made INES a very attractive institution even beyond borders.

Hagenimna calls up on all people to strive for the quality of education and make made in Rwanda a reality. INES Ruhengeri has 136 foreign students from various countries that include Nigeria Cameroun Tchad, South Sudan, Congo Brazzaville, Congo Kinshasa, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda. It has two intakes, one of September, another in March.