Saturday Morning Science program

Rwanda wants to become a knowledge-based economy. In order to achieve that goal, the country has initiated a number of projects aiming at training scientists and engineers, putting in place right infrastructures, policies and procedures pertaining to knowledge acquisition, retention and transfer. In order to supplement the formal education sector, there is a need for mass education programs aiming at raising awareness towards diverse science concepts and their role in creating solutions to community challenges.

As part of its mandate to support and promote science and technology as the main pillars of Rwanda’s economic transformation, the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) recognizes the need to raise awareness towards science, technology and innovation among the population of Rwanda. In order to accomplish its objectives, NCST forges partnerships with different organizations and institutions whose mission complements its own.

In particular, the National Council for Science and Technology is introducing a new half-hour series of televised lectures dubbed “Saturday Morning Science”. The proposed program is educational in nature and it is intended to enrich the portfolio of original educational content in Rwanda especially in science and technology.

“Saturday Morning Science” is envisioned to be an important tool to strengthen communication and collaboration between scientific communities and the population at large. The two groups greatly benefit from fully harnessing the potential of science and technology to understand scientific phenomena and to solve problems and enrich lives; as an empowered scientific community and a scientifically-aware population form a solid foundation to knowledge based economy.

In this regards on this Thursday 31 May 2018, INES-Ruhengeri hosted a conference on Green Chemistry in the line of helping students to think big. Today’s topic which is “Green Chemistry: its role in achieving Sustainable Development Goals” was given by Dr. Valentine Uwamariya. After the exposition the audience, students and academic staff from the faculty of Applied Fundamental Sciences exchanged with Dr. Valentine.

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