Temporary cash for permanent change

On this Thursday 27th June 2019 INES-Ruhengeri hosted a consultative meeting between INES-Ruhengeri and 100 Weeks on the temporary cash for permanent change.

100 Weeks  as an  organization that aiming  to  help the women as beneficiary  to get  out of extreme poverty within 100 weeks  with temporary cash given directly to the women for permanent change in their standard of living. 100 weeks as new revolutionary way of giving help was not limited for providing help to the women only but also it engage students to become a part of a project through a partnership with INES Ruhengeri to carry out a data collection via baseline and endline on the field, data entry for financial diary books, working with local coaches that live with the women day by day in groups collect information in call center and linking our studies with project activities.

INES-Ruhengeri is there for data collection and analysis through the departments of Applied Economics, Statistics Applied to Economy and Computer Science. Some activities of INES students in this projects are:  Data collection via baseline, Phone interviews, Data entry on financial diary books, Data collection via Endline, ….

100 weeks project is not only good platform for women but also for INES students by having chance to apply what they learn in classrooms. They also learn how to make data entry, data collection, analysis, monitoring and evaluation on different activities of the project through making calls,   baseline, endline, data entry and field visits and improve their skills and knowledge.

Dr Johannes Von Engelhardt said that 100 Weeks and INES in order move forward they will need to share data with INES staff and students for analysis, Continued and expanded cooperation on gathering of data, Finalization of Interviewer Guide and Future cooperation on research & evaluation.

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