Thank you to INES students for good initiative said Hon MAKUZA

INES Students Union organized a charity action of offering a cow in line with One Cow per Poor Family Pro-gram “Girinka” on this Sturdy 27th April 2019 during the community work, umuganda, held in Gacaca sector, Musanze district. The program was set up with the central aim of reducing child malnutrition rates and increasing household incomes of poor farmers. These goals are directly achieved through increased access to, and consumption of milk, by providing poor households with a heifer. The program is crucial to addressing the fundamental needs of those parts of the country that are critically food insecure.

Students of INES-Ruhengeri supported MUKABUTERA Faina from Musanze sector, Rwambogo cell who has 83 age.  

By offering a cow to this family INES students were thinking to transform rural livelihoods and addressing poverty alleviation to this family. One Cow brings nutrition, sustenance and employment, providing a stable income for a family and is a source of soil nutrients via manure to assist small scale cropping activity. Said INES-SU guild president Norbert

Hon. Bernard MAKUZA President of Senate thanked INES students and INES management for good initiative. “Let me start my speech by thanking INES for good initiative, these are the youth we want, this action shows that the future is good for our country” said Hon Makuza

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