The Catholic University of Louvain visited INES-Ruhengeri

On this 27th June 2017 the Catholic University of Louvain visited INES-Ruhengeri for proposal of collaboration in the training of Belgian and Rwandan students in the course IngenieuxSud. Professor Jean-Pierre Raskin, and Stéphanie were very pleased to present to INES staff the course offering at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) in Belgium, the IngenieuxSud course.

The aim of this course is to change the reading grids of students towards taking into account parameters related to sustainable development and social justice. This course is aimed at Belgian and Southern students of BAC or Master of Science and Technology (SST).
For one year, UCL students, in collaboration with students from universities in the South, seek appropriate and sustainable technological solutions to local community issues and communicate with each other at a distance. This year of reflection and production of ideas ends with a one month internship in the field so that the Belgian and local students implement their solution with the populations. Upon their return to their universities, the students share with the other students their experiences as part of courses or animations outside the curriculum.

After, the team visited INES facilities and laboratories, like Material testing laboratory, Hydraulic laboratory, Water quality laboratory, Food processing unit, Food Microbiology laboratory, Clinical Microbiology Laboratory, Parasitology laboratory, Molecular biology and Immunoserology laboratory, Phlebotomy and Anatomy laboratory, Chemistry laboratory, Haematology and Immunohematology laboratory, Clinical chemistry laboratory, Tissu culture laboratory, Surveying laboratory, Computer laboratory.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be elaborated and signed by both parties to facilitated students to learn more through this program.


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