From Tuesday, 7th January 2020 INES-Ruhengeri welcomed students from the Netherlands who are coming to do the minor project in Rwanda. Below is the conversation they had with the Webmaster of INES-Ruhengeri.

Can you tell me your names?

Vincent Hoogelander – TU Delft – Civil Engineering

Floor van Lunen – TU Delft – Mechanical Engineering

Jop van Loenhout – Erasmus University in Economics and Business Economics

Where are you coming from? And why you chose to come to INES in Rwanda?

We are coming from the Netherlands. Floor van Lunen and Vincent Hoogelander study at the Technical University in Delft, Floor studies Mechanical Engineering, Vincent studies Civil Engineering and Jop Van Loenhout studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam in Economics and Business Economics. We are participating in the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minor African Dynamics in Leiden and part of this minor offers us to visit a country in Africa for a field study. We could choose between Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa. Floor and Vincent chose for Rwanda as the program for INES-Ruhengeri followed a more technical approach. Jop chose Rwanda as he would have more opportunities to look into economical perspectives than the other 2 countries.

What are your academic background and link your academic background with INES programs

Except for Floor, our academic backgrounds (Civil Engineering & Economics) can both be found at INES. We saw for example that the technology that is offered for Civil Engineering students is the same in Delft for Vincent. Our shared background, the minor, can be linked with INES through the lectures that we had back in Leiden. A lot of information we gained there, can be seen in practice at INES. For example, we see that education is more and more accessible in Rwanda and this links to our minor, in which we learned about the development of education in Sub-Saharan Africa.

How can you explain INES in few words and its community (Students are welcoming you or….)

We feel really welcomed at INES. The first day we entered INES we got a tour around the campus by Vice-Chancellor, Fr. Dr. Fabien HAGENIMANA. The hospitality from INES is very nice and we feel at home. Sometimes we notice that students can be shy, but always open for a talk if we walk up to them. Besides the hospitality, INES feels like a community as everyone seems to know each other and greet each other when they walk around. This is different than back in the Netherlands, where the size of the universities can really make you feel like an individual.

What do you expect to learn from INES?

During our time at INES, we hope to be able to notice the differences between tertiary education in Rwanda and the Netherlands. Through this, we hope to be able to understand the differences between our countries better and maybe think about ways to improve education on both sides. With our coordinator, Dr. Jean Paul Mpakaniye the Dean of ESSM at INES, we will visit local businesses, institutions, etc. So we hope that INES can support us in experiencing and understanding the community outside of INES as well.

In tissue culture lab

Students from the Netherlands with INES students
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