Visit of Rwanda National Police delegation

Following the letter the Legal Representative of INES-RUHENGERI addressed to the Minister of Internal Security requesting partnership,

A team of three persons visited INES-RUHENGERI on 25th February 2021.

  • Commissioner of Police Christophe Bizimungu, Commandant of National Police College
  • Commissioner of Police Rafiki Mujiji in charge of Training in Rwanda National Police
  • Senior Superintendent Eric KANYABUGANZA, The Director in Charge of Legal Affairs in Rwanda National Police

After a tour of INES laboratories, the delegation had a brief meeting with the Executive of INES-RUHENGERI and some Deans, Heads of Departments and the Director of ICT.

After a brief presentation of INES-RUHENGERI by Vice Chancellor, the delegation and INES RUHENGERI exchanged ideas:

The Commandant of National Police College, expressed their satisfaction on how INES-RUHENGERI took seriously this visit, and what they visited in different laboratories. He said that the visit opened their minds. As the way forward, he promised that they are going to report to the Rwanda National Police and to see in which domains partnership between INES-RUHENGERI and RNP may be concluded.

During the visit in the Material testing lab

On his question of where INES RUHENGERI expects to develop this partnership, the Vice Chancellor, responded that the partnership can focus on:

  • Students in areas which are not covered by the National Police College (NPC);
  • Short training like training people in cartography at INES or at NPC;
  • Research;
  • Projects development and implementation;
  • Sharing resources (HR & assets): NPC started already to use INES laboratories; students from BLS visited the NPC to explore more on forensic. Institutions can share both their own expertise or expertise from abroad (example visiting Professors from Europe)
  •    Community services
When exchanging with the INES management staff

The Commissioner of Police Rafiki Mujiji confirmed that they have seen many things and they are going to report to the RNP to see how to formalize a partnership. He especially said that they need to empower their Engineering Department.