You come from excellent school FAWE Rwanda

On this Tuesday 24th October 2017, INES-Ruhengeri is glad to welcome 28 young girl students from FAWE Rwanda to purposive their studies at INES-Ruhengeri.  These students got the scholarship of Masercard Foundation for undergraduate studies at INES-Ruhengeri.

Mastercard Foundation is an independent global foundation which states it “advances youth learning and promotes financial inclusion to catalyze prosperity in developing countries.”

When addressing to these young girl students, the Rector of INES-Ruhengeri, Fr. Dr. Fabien HAGENIMANA explained to them the motivation behind the creation of INES-Ruhengeri which are building signs of hope, the contribution to unity and reconciliation and the contribution to sustainable development. He also explained the orientation of INES-Ruhengeri of being institute of applied sciences.

“You come from excellent school ‘FAWE Rwanda’ in sciences, you are now in the applied sciences institution to apply what you have leant in secondary school, we hope you will be good students.” He ended

Students were very happy and excited to be at INES-Ruhengeri.

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