The vision is to engage and form partnerships, interact with stakeholders and reach out and contribute towards the sustainable development of the communities that INES serves. These actions are directed at making the INES a transparent and user-friendly institution that extends itself effectively to those who seek access to its knowledge resources, products and expertise.

In its orientation, being an applied sciences institution, INES-Ruhengeri needs professional bodies which help internship, research and other practical experience for students.


 1  High Education Council (HEC) Kigali Regulator
 2 Rwanda Education Board (REB) Kigali Teaching and sponsorship of students
 3 Workforce Development Authority (WDA) Kigali Teaching
 4 Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA) Kigali Project of Road Demarcation  and Internship
 5 Rwanda Housing Authority (RHA) Kigali Internship
 6 Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) Kigali Internship
 7 Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) Kigali Teaching and Internship
 8 Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council (RAHPC) Kigali Regulator
 9  Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA) Kigali Teaching and Internship
 10 Rwanda Standards Board (RSB) Kigali Calibration
 11  Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) Kigali Teaching and Internship
 12 National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) Kigali Internship
 13 Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) Kigali Teaching and Internship
 14 FARG Kigali sponsorship of students
 15 Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) Kigali Project, Teaching and Internship
 16 Association of Microfinance Institutions in Rwanda(AMIR) Kigali Research projects and Teaching


 1 University of Rwanda Kigali Research project and Teaching
 2 Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) Nyanza Collaboration in delivering Post graduate diploma in Legal Practice
 3 IPRC Kigali Kigali Teaching, project development and exchange of resources
 4 IPRC East Nyagatare Teaching, project development and exchange of resources
 5 IPRC South Huye Teaching, project development and exchange of resources
 6 Tumba College of Technology Rulindo Teaching, project development and exchange of resources
 7 Musanze Polytechnic Nyakinama Teaching, project development and exchange of resources
 8 Organisation Rwandaise des Institions Privees d’Ensegnement Suprieurs (ORIPES) Kigali Membership


  Department of Land Survey  
1 Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) Kigali Internship
 2 Rwanda Transport Development Authority (RTDA) Kigali Project of Road demarcation
 3 Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) Kigali Internship
 4 Energy Utility Corporation Limited (EUCL) Kigali Internship
 5 LWH/RSSP Kigali Project
 6 Rwanda housing Authority (RHA) Kigali Internship
 7 Geo Info Ltd Kigali Internship
 8 Geo Surveys Ltd Kigali Internship
 9 ESRI RWANDA Kigali Internship
 10 SKAT Rwanda Kigali Internship
 11 Aquavirunga LTD Rubavu Research project


Department of Computer Science      
 1 Rwanda Online Platform  Ltd Kigali Internship
 2 East Africa Exchange Kigali Internship
 3 KLab Rwanda Kigali Internship
 4 RDB Kigali Internship
 5 Pivot Access Kigali Internship
 6 Guez Show Kigali Internship
 7 Mergims Kigali Internship


Department of Civil Engineering      
 1 Glory construction company Ltd Kigali Internship
 2 Civil Engineering Consulting Ltd(CIECONS LTD) Kigali Internship
 4 ECOREBA LTD Kigali Internship
 5 REAL CONTACTOR LTD Kigali Internship
 6 Entreprise Generale d’Ingenierie et de Travaux Public (EGITRAP Ltd) Kigali Internship
 7 NIE LTD Kigali Internship
 8 NPD Ltd Kigali Internship
 9 A&P LTD Kigali Internship
 10 ECOSUTRAP LIMITED Kigali Internship
 11 House Plans Company Ltd Kigali Internship
 12 HYGEBAT Ltd Kigali Internship


Department of Land Administration and Management      
1 Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster (WWU) Germany Research and Teaching
 2 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KUL) Belgium Research and Teaching
 3 Hansa Luftbild AG (HL) Germany Research and Teaching
 4 CARIS UAS Ltd Kigali Research
 5 Lands and Mapping Department (RNRA) Kigali Internship
 6 Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development (RISD) Kigali Internship
 7 Easter Africa Property Consultant Kigali Internship
 8 Integrated Property Consultants Kigali Internship
 9 RCN Justice et Democratie Kigali Internship
 10 Land Titles in Northern Province Musanze Internship
 11 District One Stop Centre Musanze Internship
 12 District One Stop Centre Rubavu Internship
 13 District One Stop Centre Gakenke Internship
 14 District One Stop Centre Nyabihu Internship


Department of Statistics Applied to Economy      
 1 National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) Kigali Internship
 2 Ruhengeri Hospital (Statistics Department) Musanze Internship
 3 Rubavu Hospital (Statistics Department) Rubavu Internship
 4 Burera District (Statistics Department) Burera Internship
 5 Musanze District  (Statistics Department) Musanze Internship
 6 Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (IPAR) Kigali Internship
 7 RRA – Musanze Branch Musanze Teaching and Internship
 8 RSSB – Musanze Branch Musanze Internship
 9 NBR – Musanze Branch Musanze Internship
 10 RAB – Musanze Branch Musanze Internship


Department of Biotechnology      
1 Fromagerie La Lumière  Nyakinama Nyakinama Internship
 2 NYABIHU Tea Factory Ltd Nyabihu Internship
 3 SOYCO Ltd Kayonza Internship
 4 BRALIRWA Rubavu Internship
 5 SORWATHE Rulindo Internship
 6 Postharvest Task Force Kigali Internship
 7 KABUYE sugar works Kigali Internship
 8 RAB Musanze Musanze Project on seeds multiplication and Internship
 9 RAB South Huye Project on Aflatoxin and Internship
 10 Rwanda  agriculture and livestock inspection and certification services Kigali Internship
 11 Enterprise URWIBUTSO Nyirangarama Internship
 12 WINAS Chips factory Musanze Internship
 13 SKOL Kigali Internship
 14 IMBARAGA Musanze Project in agriculture potato seeds
 15 AGA RWANDA NETWORK Kigali Project on medicinal plant
 16 UNICOAPIGI Rubavu Project of apiculture
 17 National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) Kigali Project seeds multiplication
 18 NAEB Kigali Internship
 19 Rwanda Standards Board  (RSB) Kigali Calibration and Internship


Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences      
 1 Ruhengeri Hospital Musanze Internship
 2 Nemba Hospital Gakenke Internship
 3 Butaro Hospital Butato Internship
 4 Muhororo Hospital Ngororero Internship
 5 CHUK Kigali Internship
 6 Kanombe Military Hospital Kigali Internship
 7 Masaka Hospital Kigali Internship
 8 Nyamata Hospital Bugesera Internship
 9 Kacyiru Hospital Kigali Internship
 10 Gisenyi Hospital Rubavu Internship
 11 Shyira Hospital Nyabihu Internship
 12 Kabgayi Hospital Muhanga Internship
 13 Kibungo Hospital Kibungo Internship
 14 Rwanda Biomedical Center Kigali Regulator
 15  Rwanda Allied Health Professions Council Kigali Teaching
 16 Department of Biomedical Sciences, Catholic University of Rwanda Huye Teaching and staff exchange


Department of Enterprises Management & Applied Economics      
1 VIRUNGA Musanze Internship
 2 LAPALME Musanze Internship
 3 MUHABURA Musanze Internship
 4 GOLILA Musanze Internship
 5 Ste ANNE Musanze Internship
 6 HOMIN Musanze Internship
 7 BEST VIEW Musanze Internship
 8 SLYVER BACK Musanze Internship
 9 MTN Musanze Internship
 10 TIGO Musanze Internship
 11 RDB Musanze Internship
 12 RUHENGERI HOSPITAL Musanze Internship
 13 SOPIRWA Musanze Internship
 14 COTRACO Musanze Internship


Department of Public Administration and Good Governance      
1 Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) Kigali Internship
 2 Rwanda Management Institute (RMI) Kigali Internship
 3 Musanze District Musanze Internship
 4 Musanze Sector Musanze Internship
 5 Kimonyi Sector Musanze Internship
 6 Muhoza Sector Musanze Internship
 7 Rwambogo Cell Musanze Internship
 8 Gakoro Village Musanze Internship


Department of Education in French and English      
 1 District Education Officer Musanze Internship
 2 Sector Education Officer Kimonyi Sector Internship
 3 Sector Education Officer Musanze Sector Internship
 4 Sector Education Officer Muhoza Sector Internship
 5 Ecole des Sciences de Musanze Musanze Internship
 6 GS Musazne I Musanze Internship
 7 APICUR Musanze Internship
 8 EZIR Musanze Internship
 9 REGINA PACIS Musanze Internship
 10 ITB Musanze Internship
 11 Ecole Secondaire St Vincent Muhoza Musanze Internship
 12 ESSA  RUHENGERI Musanze Internship


                 Faculty of Law      
 1 High Court chamber of Musanze Musanze Internship
 2 National Prosecute at High Court chamber of Musanze Musanze Internship
 3  Intermediate Court Musanze Internship
 4  Primary Court of Muhoza Musanze Internship
 5 MAJ Musanze Musanze Internship
 6 Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) Nyanza Collaboration in delivering Post graduate diploma in Legal Practice


 1 USAID Kigali Project, Access to the Land Tenure Administration System in Rwanda and the impacts of the system on ordinary citizens
 2 DFID Kigali Land Tenure Reform project
 3 SPARK Kigali Project, Enhancing entrepreneurship at INES and surrounding communities
 4 European Union Europe Project, Geospatial Technology Innovations for Land Tenure Security In East Africa (its4land)
 5 Netherlands Initiative for Capacity development in Higher Education (NICHE) Netherlands Project, Strengthening the regional EALAN network in Land Administration and Land Governance in the Great Lakes Regions
 6 Netherlands Initiative for Capacity development in Higher Education (NICHE II) Netherlands Project, Strengthening educational institutes in providing capacity building services for sustainable agricultural development in Rwanda
 7 University of Twente Netherlands Teaching and staff exchange
 8 Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC) Kigali Project, Survey of the Hydrological Systems in the Greater Virunga Landscape around the Volcanoes National Park (PNV)
 9 University of Mainz Germany Teaching and staff exchange
 10 Lucerne University of Applied Sciences Switzerland Teaching and staff exchange
 11 The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD)  Kenya Membership
 12 EALAN Rotating Membership
 13 Inter-University Council for East Africa Uganda Membership
 14 International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Denmark Membership