Master of Science in Taxation


Master’s Program Coordinator

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Why the Masters in Taxation?

  • Rwanda is striving to develop its economy and become self reliant. This can be achieved through effective taxation. This program is hence a unique opportunity to contribute to that ambition.
  • The Master of Science in Taxation of INES is the first program to offer such an award in Rwanda
  • The program keeps a perfect balance between theory and practice, which is needed by todays professional world.
  • The exit profile gives you wide range of career opportunities including the possibility to be an officially recognized consultant and professional in tax planning, tax calculation and tax collection for both the Government and private companies.
  • With the highly qualified and specially experienced teaching staff, you will be able to acquire both skills and professional attitudes which are required to be a successful taxation expert.


Key features of the program

  • Number of modules: 10 modules (including thesis)
  • Number of credits: 180credits (with 60 credits for thesis only)
  • Duration of the Program: 12 months (including time for research and thesis writing)
  • Number of participants per Class: Maximum 35
  • Tuition fees: Rwf1,800,000

Admission Requirements

Candidates to the Master of Science in Taxation have to fulfill the following conditions:

  • To have Bachelor’s Degree in Management or in Economics
  • To be computer literate and to possess a laptop
    • To submit a file containing the following documents:
  • A latter of motivation
  • ACurriculum Vitae
  • A well completed registration form
  • A certified copy of the Bachelor’s Degree
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • A copy of identification card or passport
  • A payment slip for non-refundable RWF 10,000 for application fee

Selected candidates will be required to pay RWF 40,000 or equivalent in Dollars for registration.

Download application form here