Ongoing Projects

  1. Erasmus Plus “EnRHEd (Enhancement of Rwandan higher education in strategic fields for sustainable growth)” Project
  2. Strengthening academia-industry linkage and research space in the area of Civil Engineering for food security in Sub-Saharan Africa
  3. National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) awarded grants to research projects under the “Excellent Research” theme.
  4. Geospatial Technology Innovations for Land Tenure Security In East Africa (its4land)
  5. Refresher Course on “Innovative Geospatial Technologies for Improved Land and Food Governance: From Data Capture to Useful Information”
  6. Strengthening the regional EALAN to build capacity in Land Administration and Land Governance in the Great Lakes Regions (SEALAN)
  7. Survey on “Exploring determinants of subsequent registration of land transactions in Rwanda”
  8. Water quality and water quantity monitoring around the PNV/GVTC
  9. Hydrological Regime and Water Quality of Major Influent Rivers of Lake Kivu (HYDRILAK+)/LKMP
  10. Seismic activity surveying in Lake Kivu basin, (SEISMIC)
  11. Niche I: food security project, Increasing food security through applied science at INES-Ruhengeri
  12. Niche II: Strengthening Education For Agricultural Development (SEAD) Project
  13. Increasing the quantity and quality in potato seeds value chain in Northern and Southern Provinces of Rwanda (A co-shared project: INES & USAID)
  14. Botanic garden projects
  16. Employment for stability (2015-2017)
  17. Africa-German Entrepreneurship Academy (2017-2020)
  18. The project Umuravumba-Tetradenia riparia