INES Alumni committee organized general assembly meeting

On this Saturday 1st September 2018, INES Alumni committee organized general assembly meeting with former students of INES-Ruhengeri, Alumni. Alumni mean men and women who have completed their studies, especially at a college or university.

When welcoming the colleagues, president of association, INES Alumni, Mr. BYABARUMWANZI Valens wished all presents, a great time at home. He expressed his joy of being with them. He also read self-introduction part by alumni from 2003’s batch (pioneer batch) followed by others, brought out memories of campus. INES has so far 6,057 graduates.

The presentation of The Rector, Fr. Dr Fabien HAGENIMANA opened the discussion and exchange in the hall; he underlined the importance of this meeting, role of Alumni in the development of institution and the role of institution in the growth of its alumni.

Further, different issues were debated to see how the INES Alumni association becomes stronger. Following are some common ideas given:

  • The assembly decided that INES-ALUMNI should be an NGO;
  • The assembly concluded that internal regulations and the statues should be shared through emails and whatsapp among members for deep analysis and improvements based on the line of NGOs vision;
  • Committee was requested to revise and modify or improve the internal regulations and the statues in the same vision of NGOs according to the ideas and inputs that will be given by all INES-ALUMNI members;
  • After improving the statute and internal regulations, then the assembly will approve them.
  • Improve mobilization among members but also we should be smart in mindset;
  • Regarding mobilization, the latter should be our main focus and the assembly requested that meetings should be prepared and organized in different provinces;
  • The assembly assigned the committee deep analysis of the projects in terms of their implementation. However more efforts should be put on mobilization first;
  • The assembly voted MBONYINSHUTI Isaïe as the advisor replacing KAYITESI Zuhura who went to study.

Many strategies and tactics associated with them will enable the Alumni Association to become a force in helping interested alumni find various ways to serve.

It was a good opportunity for Alumni to meet with their colleagues after long pried and so good for INES to hear feedback from its former students who are on the market.  It was attended by significant number of alumni members from all Departments

 The meeting ended by networking phase and cocktail.

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