Students and Staff from RDF Command and Staff College visited INES

Students and Faculty Staff from RDF Senior Command and Staff visited INES-Ruhengeri on this Thursday 8th February 2018 in its National Study tour under the theme “Rwanda’s Education Sector Policies and Programs and how they contribute towards Sustainable Peace, Security and Economic Development”. The tour was meant to enable students to establish the link between Education Sector, Sustainable Peace, Security and National Economic Development.

After visiting MINEDUC on 5th February 2018, the delegation visited INES-Ruhengeri. The Rector of INES, Fr. Dr Fabien HAGENIMANA in his presentation explained the motivation behind INES foundation which is: To build signs of hope, To contribute to unity and reconciliation and To contribute to sustainable development. The Rector also explained the orientation of INES-Ruhengeri of being University of Applied Sciences and efforts made in this new concept in the region, where INES has revised curricula to meet labour market needs, training of staff, linkage with the industry, Creation of centers like INES Business Incubation Center, Investment in laboratories and related facilities, etc.

Fr. Fabien explained clearly 4 windows of Quality of Education Monitoring which are Input, Process, Environment and Output.

He also talked about ongoing projects in line with community development which are conducted by INES-Ruhengeri like Increasing the quantity and quality in potato seeds value chain in Northern and Southern Provinces of Rwanda, Geospatial Technology Innovations for Land Tenure Security In East Africa, Innovative Geospatial Technologies for Improved Land and Food Governance: From Data Capture to Useful Information, Strengthening the regional EALAN to build capacity in  Land Administration and Land Governance in the Great Lakes Regions (SEALAN), Water quality and water quantity monitoring around the PNV/GVTC, Hydrological Regime and Water Quality of Major Influent Rivers of Lake Kivu, Seismic activity surveying in Lake Kivu basin, (SEISMIC), Strengthening Education For Agricultural Development (SEAD), Does opportunity reduce instability? A meta-analysis of skills and interventions in LMICs.

After the presentation, it was time to exchange with the audience where students were asking for clarification on the presentation of the Rector of INES-Ruhengeri.

Col. Winfried Dzandu-Hedidor, The Head of Research and Development in Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College (RDFCSC) thanked INES-Ruhengeri for the effort made in teaching, research and community service. “Every year, RDF Command and Staff College organizes a National Study Tour as part of the Senior Command and Staff Course curriculum, is aimed at achieving the RDFCSC mission of developing students’ intellectual ability of understanding national, regional and global security challenges and how they impact on military operating environment”.

Col. Winfried offered the present to The Rector of INES for the hospitality and good collaboration in the National Development framework.

This delegation of students from different countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Czech Republic, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal visited INES facilities and laboratories like: Material testing laboratory, Hydraulic laboratory, Water quality laboratory, Food processing unit, Food Microbiology laboratory, Clinical Microbiology laboratory,  Parasitology laboratory, Molecular biology and Immunoserology laboratory, Phlebotomy and Anatomy laboratory, Chemistry laboratory, Haematology and Immunohematology laboratory, Clinical chemistry laboratory, Tissu culture laboratory and Surveying laboratory.

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