Survey Camp 2016

INES-Ruhengeri each year in its department of Land Survey organizes in campus workshop called Survey Camp where students of level V given technical assignment to work on during two weeks.

Survey camp is an internationally approved module for virtually all undergraduate degree programmes in land survey worldwide. Survey camp constitutes a field survey exercise usually carried out for two weeks. It is an important module in which mandatory participation is a prerequisite for one to qualify for award of a bachelor’s degree at the end of the undergraduate programme. At survey Camp, students obtain extensive hands- on skills and experience in the use of land surveying instruments and the essentials of survey practices.

Student in survey camp

Survey camp is usually a special experience for all survey students with its main objectives being to:

  • Enable students to work in real project and to become more familiar with various surveying instrumentation and technologies
  • Expose students to real life situations that surveyors routinely face in the field;
  • Help train students to learn how to deal with real life challenges diligently and expeditiously
  • Engage students in typical survey practice from data collection, processing through the presentation of results in an acceptable manner,
  • Train students how to cope with typical workplace pressure by ensuring that all survey camp tasks including settings, observations, computations, drawings, mapping and reports are duly completed during survey camp.
  • Give students an opportunity to make significant survey decision.

Thus, this Survey Camp will be organized the way it would give the students an opportunity to feel the difference between theoretical knowledge and practical work and hence develop self-confidence in them by virtue of which they have gained through such a camp.


Ordinarily, it is expected that during the survey camp, students will be granted the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to put the theory that have learnt over the years in their normal lectures into practice within a real life environment.