Valuation of protected areas in the Greater Virunga Landscape

On this 25th November 2019, at INES started a research workshop on Valuation of Protected areas in the Greater Virunga Landscape, designing and implementing influential studies.
This workshop brings together 27 Researchers from partner institutions of GVTC namely, Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature (ICCN), Uganda Wildlife authority (UWA), OVG, ITFC and INES-Ruhengeri are part on this important workshop.
The main aim of the workshop is:
• To refresh the understanding of what specific services are linked to ecosystems and biodiversity of the GVL and the quantification and economics of ecosystem services;
• To identify one main research topic in the context of ecosystems services of the GVL for each of the three countries;
• To draft a research design and implementation plan for each of the three research topics aimed at demonstrating the societal importance of ecosystem services and biodiversity;
• To develop a communication strategy for the results of the three case studies for management and building support.
One of the hot topics in environmental management today is the concept of “ecosystem services”. In the NICHE-3C workshop in February 2019, research capacity was built for the valuation of ecosystem services of protected areas in the Greater Virunga Landscape (GVL). The workshop demonstrated how practitioners can use this economic value in their daily management. This follow-up workshop will build on this new expertise and apply this knowledge in three priority case studies with high societal relevance. With input from local stakeholders, each country identifies one main societal topic to be addressed. The preferred context in which these topics are chosen are human wildlife-conflicts and resolution, and/or sustainable financing and economic valuation of the GVL. Both of these topics form the core of the NICHE-3C project and are the main themes of the 3C PhDs.

Note that this three days’ workshop which started on 25th was opened officially by Fr. Dr Fabien Hagenimana Vice Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri and Dr. Andrew G. Seguya, Executive Secretary of GVTC.
The trainer is Prof Pieter Van Beukering of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam assisted by Dr. SNELDER Denyse Jeanne Roberta Maria of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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