Application and Registration process

INES-RUHENGERI Admission and Registration Policy is mainly based on INES General Academic Regulations. It intends to give to all prospective students at INES essential information to make their applications for admission and registration successful and to pursue normally their studies.

1.How to apply for admission:

Application is free, Apply now

You can also call or send an SMS containing your grades on 0788732986 or 0727125183 then we give you a quick response after checking if you are allowed to study at INES-Ruhengeri.

2.Registration process:
Submission of:

  •  Certificate of admission (Admission letter)
  •  Notarized copy of senior six diploma
  • Copy of ID card/Passport
  •  2 passport photos
  • Bank slip of 35.000 RwF, payable on INES account:

INES Bank accounts

  • I & M on account no: 0062534-01-85
  • BK on account no: 0056073-79
  • GT BANK on account no: 015-1100817
  • Equity on account no: 4007211232378
  • KCB on account no: 440064462