Bishop Vincent HAROLIMANA visited Catholic Community “Saint Jean Paul II” of INES


On Sunday, May 5th 2019, His Lordship, Bishop of the Diocese of Ruhengeri and Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri, visited the Catholic community of INES-Ruhengeri.

The Diocese of Ruhengeri would like to put a lot of effort into pastoral work with intellectuals. This is why chaplaincy at universities and colleges has been strengthened.

At INES-Ruhengeri, chaplaincy deals with the pastoral care of not only students but also administrative and academic staff. There are 42 basic communities (in departments and levels) and another one for the staff.

The feast was opened by the Mass presided over by Bishop. In this Mass, the Bishop administered the sacraments for students. This mass, which was liturgically well prepared, testifies to the rapid evolution experienced by the Catholic community of INES. In his homily, the Bishop returned to the joy of Easter. Easter is the crowning of the Christian life.

The Catholic student representative welcomed the efforts that the Ruhengeri Diocese and INES management have combined to ensure their care. They are proud of it and have promised to do more.

The chaplain of INES, Fr. Pie NEMEYAMAHORO said that he is happy to be chaplain of the group and he thanked the staff of INES for the good collaboration. He warmly thanked the Bishop for his availability. In the name of the whole community.

When addressing to the audience, Bishop thanked all that contributed to the life of the Catholic community of INES but especially the chaplain. He returned to the orientation of the Diocese of Ruhengeri for the integral development of humanity. He asked members of the Catholic community of INES to be proud of who they are. Starting from the life of Saint Jean Paul II, who had a difficult time but was also a student in a university environment, he urged everyone to be saintly even when there is no hope.

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  • I have the honour to write you this letter of appreciation. I am Tende Renz, one of the visiting Lecturers who came to INES following the DAAD Staff Exchange Program and was assigned to teach Environmental Studies in LAM. I actually had a very wonderful experience in Musanze, Rwanda and this, thanks to your hospitality and flexibility. I was well accommodated by your Institution and had the opportunity to share ideas with your students. I therefore wish to thank you for this opportunity and wish to have more of them God willing. Thank you very much.

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    Dr. Tende Renz Tichafogwe, Senior Lecturer Urban & Development Geography University of Yaounde I

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