Friendly match of volleyball was organized to strengthen partnership

On this 24th August 2017, the friendly match of volleyball was organized to strengthen partnership between INES-Ruhengeri and National Institute of Statistics Rwanda.

NISR was created to assume the leading role in improving capacity to use information for evidence based decision-making by coordinating national effort to collect and archive reliable data, to analyze, document and disseminate data within an integrated and sustainable framework.  This mission of NISR pushed both institution, NISR and INES-Ruhengeri, to collaborate.  INES gives its contribution through the department of Statistics Applied to Economy.

The match was opposing the staff of INES-Ruhengeri and trainees of National Institute of Statistics Rwanda where the INES was beaten 3 sets by 1 set. It was amazing moment and enjoyable time for both teams and funs.

After that amazing time of match the teams were driven to CPND de Fatima for cocktail and networking.

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